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April 16, 2010

I recently stumbled accross an article about  the ABC Family in the process of a new TV show, Huge.  So I set of trying to find as much information on the TV as I could possibly find. Huge will be a TV series based on the young-adult novels of the same name (written by Sasha Paley). The show began casting in Januraury 2010, and filming started this month. The show is about seven overweight teens who are sent to a summer weight loss camp, called Wellness Canyon. The show will go for one hour, and is set to start on June 28th 2010. The shows main characters are:

  • Nikki Blonsky as Willamina (“Will”) – an opinionated and funny girl who is angry that her rich family sent her to camp
  • Hayley Hasselhoff as Amber – one of the thinnest and prettiest girls at fat camp, she is obsessed with her appearance; she clashes with Will
  • Ari Stidhamas Ian – an overweight, but cute, musician who befriends Will and has a crush on Amber
  • Becca – a shy bookworm type, she befriends Will because they both dislike Amber
  • Harvey Guillenas Alistair – one of the heaviest at camp, he’s obsessed with sex and giving advice
  • Ashley Holliday as Chloe– the very confident leader of the “thinner” girls
  • Andrew Caldwell as Trent – the leader of the less-overweight, popular boys at the camp.
  • Zander Eckhouse as George – a college student working as an assistant camp counselor who develops an interest in Amber.
  • Gina Torres as Dr. Dorothy Rand

All information was gained from

After lurking on the ABC Family website, I came across an advertisement for an open casting call. They are looking for plus size teen actors aged between 15-16, but they can be older as long as their believable as 16 year olds. The casting directors are accepting audition tapes and head shots from actors aged between 14-24 to play the role of high school students. For further information and details on sending in tapes go to: c-family.html

I must admit that im rather excited for the show to air, although it will take longer to air here in Australia. The show seems to have a funny plot, and I think it will tickle my fancy. Although I must admit im not sure how it will fair up against other TV shows, as shows about us Plus Sizes peeps, or anything/one a bit different never seem to last. Lets just hope that the people take a liking to the show and it becomes a hit! I for one, can’t wait.

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